Wednesday, August 5, 2015

P-Day fun! ...note to Miss Regina--do not read!

Pday, that fun day...Today my district and I went to the Ilagan Sanctuary. They have a very large snake that I held and we hiked through a couple of caves and up to a water fall. There was this one cave and it was filled with millions of bats just flying everywhere around our heads. I might have peeped out a little scream... haha But it was a fun trip. Just something else to do other than the normal pday routine.

The work here is good. We have another baptism coming up on Saturday, and a couple more on the way too...sadly I won't be able to witness the others because I will be home by then... :( but we have some pretty great people we teach and some very interesting ones too. Even though people just keep reminding me how many days I have left, I still can't believe it. I don't feel like I'll be home in just a couple of weeks. I'm definitely still really focused and I don't feel a bit trunky! I am so glad because I want to finish strong, to focus and what is going on here and give it all my best for my last month.

Sister K

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