Thursday, August 13, 2015

Enduring to the End

Yep I had a pretty busy week, but busy has kind of become normal for me. Last week, my district went to Ilagan Sanctuary where I got up close and personal with a rather large snake, that was fun. Tuesday, we visited the Burgos Zone for district meeting. Then Wednesday we went to Cauayan for MLC (mission leadership counsel). Thursday and Friday we had splits, and then Saturday we had a baptism. Then Sunday again (I was surprised when the bishopric asked me to speak right before the sacrament started because the person that was supposed to speak didn't show up). These weeks are going fastest than ever! The time just never stops to let us breathe, but it's all good. The people in our ward here keep teasing me about how many days I have left in Ilagan. Today, I'm at 12. I don't want to count down, but it is now in my head. I can't even sleep at night because I'm thinking too much. But when I finally do get to sleep I just dream about teaching people. It is kind of funny but so annoying...can't catch a break even at 2am!

The baptism went great. Her name is Kathlyn, and the other sister's investigator, Rodolfo. Kathlyn's two older brothers are both members and it was so cool to see Her oldest brother being able to baptize her. The other brother gave one of the talks at the baptism. It turns out it was his birthday and he said one of the greatest gifts that he has received on his birthday was being able to witness his sister become a member of the true church. Ang sweet naman.

Rodolfo's story is pretty cool too. The missionaries found him while him and his friends were walking past the church, checking out some people playing basketball. Him and his friends wanted to listen, so they went into the church and began listening. They soon found out that he had a pretty rough past, turning him to being involved with harmful substances, but when he learned about the word of wisdom, he instantly gave it all up, even though he was the only one of the group of friends. The biggest thing that surprised us is that he is fully committed. There are so many temptations around him, but he said that he has started on the right path and he never wants to go back; he can't go back. I love that. It is all part of enduring to the end. It's not just for enduring the trials we face daily, but it is actively and willingly living the covenants we made when we are baptized. 

Sister K

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