Monday, July 27, 2015


One thing I learned this week: LISTEN TO THE HOLY GHOST!

As I was preparing my bag for the day, I took out my umbrella thinking, it's probably not going to rain today and it hasn't been as hot lately. I took a second glance, but I denied that prompting. Note, don't get caught in the rain with out your umbrella. You'll only get drenched. 

Here in the Philippines there are only two seasons, rainy season and hot season. But being part of this Isabela province, the rainy season is more of a drizzle and dark clouds every once in a while. They say the storms don't hit here as hard because this is where they go to burn out--which I can testify to...generally. Nothing really happens around here. But one day, every once in a while, the clouds decide to flip a switch and just pour. I've learned my lesson. Always take an umbrella, whether you think you need it or not. 

Another lesson I've learned is that everything happens for a reason. God really is mindful of all his children and he will prepare a way to help them.

We had planned to have a family home evening with a less-active family that has a couple of children that haven't yet been baptized. We have been struggling to help them, so we were excited that they agreed to a FHE (family home evening--family time activity) to help strengthen them as a family. One of their concerns was that they wouldn't be able to provide any food while we were over there. We told them not to worry and that it isn't necessary to have food at an FHE. Without them knowing, we prepared food to take with us there, but unfortunately they cancelled last minute. We had already prepared the food, so instead we split it up to take to them anyway as well as another family that lives near by. Without realizing beforehand, the other family had been having a hard time and really needed some food for their kids. The mother of the family was feeling very sick that day and her husband had just gotten home from his job as a tricycle driver and he was taking care of their two week old baby. We really were happy to help them in the time they needed it. Without knowing, we were the answer to their prayer.

If we listen to the spiritual promptings and act upon it, we can be the means in helping those around us. We truly can be an instrument in God's hands to be a source of comfort and happiness. OH, how it makes me happy to be HIS instrument!

Have a most awesome week all,
Sister K

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