Wednesday, August 19, 2015

I only dream in Tagolog

Sister Ramono, a future missionary and me 

Well...This week was awesome. It was my last normal week of the mission so we used it to work the hardest ever. It was great! We even reached higher than our usual goals! The two more memorable moments this week, was showing up to our recent convert's house to find that Ezy, our 10-year-old convert, teaching her younger sister that just turned eight about the Book of Mormon. When we got there, they were so excited to see us and tell us what they had learned. At the end of the lesson, Ezy taught her younger sister, Kim, how to pray. It was really sweet. I so love the kids here. Sometimes they can be a bit rowdy and obnoxious but they have such a spirit about them. I'll miss all the kids here. At least once a day I get called Elsa or Anna, referring to Frozen, as I walk past a group of kids...I remember when it used to be Snow White before my hair lightened up while here...sheesh I am almost blonde now!
This guy will be an awesome missionary someday!
Another memory I will treasure, is seeing our investigator so involved with missionary work. He wants to be a missionary. He went with one of the ward missionaries visiting less active members yesterday and then reported what they did in our coordination meeting yesterday. He is golden! I just wish I could be here for his baptism. I guess I'll just have to skype in to see it ha ha. We have really been blessed to be teaching two investigators. Jake, the one I mentioned, and Erwin. Erwin is super active too, but he will be baptized on the 29th. So I will miss it by two days. 
another future sister missionary in the works 

So, this week will be pretty busy. tomorrow we have quarterly interviews with President Rahlf. Wednesday I have to attend a career workshop, for all the missionaries preparing to go home. Then on Saturday we will be holding a One-day mission for our ward in efforts to find the missing people in this ward. There is this address unknown project here because there are so many members that are no where to be found, all over the Philippines. So we will be finding lost souls.

I feel like this week it going to be unbelievable fast! Next week I will still get to email, but I'll probably just write my last blog post and that will be it. Just like that, my 18 months are up!

Oh and Yes...I only dream in Tagolog these days.

Love ya!
Sister K

I lent my pen to someone and this is how he returned it...everyone keeps reminding me ; (

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