Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Like I said...change is GOOD!

The Solona Zone-so beautiful!
What a great week! I got to say my last goodbyes in Diffun and early Wednesday morning a van came to pick Sister Mat and I up. We went to Santiago first to pick up the other missionaries from our zone getting transferred and then went straight to Cauayan. I got to see a few friends I have met here again and then we got our assignments. I got really excited when I found out. I am now in the Solano Zone, which is one of the cooler climates of the mission. The "coldest" being Bongbong, which is just south of here. I've actually had chills at night! The place I am in is called Bayombong and it is mostly city but it still has it's rural parts. There is actually a part in my area that we get to ride by boat to get to. But it is nice being in the city again because it has everything close by. No more driving a very loooooong hour in a van that makes you want to throw up just we can go to an actual grocery store. People drive pretty crazy...I am sure there are no speed limits or, and it seems, no traffic laws. They pretty much they just weave in and out of every other car, needless to say, we get jerked around a lot...

My new companion is Sister Itimaera (E-see-mair-ah). She is from Christmas Island in Kirabati. (the ti makes an S sound). I actually new who she was because we were in the same zone my first cycle. She is super sweet and I am so happy to have her as my companion. The sad thing is that we only get to be comps for one transfer because she goes home at the end of this one. My first kill! haha.
Me and Sister Eesee...that's what I'm calling her now ; )
OH, one totally cool thing about this zone is that we are closer to the Banaue Rice Terraces, so I get to go there pretty soon! :) I loved Diffun, but this branch is really nice too. On Saturday we had Family Week celebrations with the branch. We played games and ate food and played more games all day, it was so much fun. They are great and very welcoming.

Banaue Rice Terraces...can't wait to go!
The new apartment is pretty nice. It is definitely older, but we have nice cool tiles on the first floor and hard wood on the top. I haven't seen any spiders or cockroaches...yet, but we do have a little mouse problem. But he just does his own thing and stays away from us and our stuff. He just likes to clean out the sink disposal at night.... Our landlord is a member and we call her Guama. She is an elderly lady and super sweet. If we don't feel like cooking, she just said to come over and she'll make us lunch or dinner, she likes the company. Her husband past away a long time ago and her kids are all grown up, so she loves having us around. We've got it pretty good here, despite our little rodent. There are four of us in the apartment, and one is Sister Davis. She is American and she also went to BYU-I. Actually, in the mission geneology, she is my Lola (grandma) because she is the one who trained Sister Lamac (my trainer). She also dies this cycle, but it is kind of cool to be with another American again at least for a little while.

I saw this quote and was inspired. It reminded me of a scripture in 3 Nephi 12:47, it says, "Old things are done away, and all things have become a new." I know I am not a perfect missionary and I have a ton I can always improve on. With this new start in Bayombong, I have a new chance to be an even better missionary, and leave behind any of the mistakes I have made in the past.

As I said last week, change is good. At first I was a little nervous, but it ended up being a great. The Lord sure does know what we need and when. I love this work, and it is amazing the change it brings to the lives of those around us.

Love you all!
Have another great week!
Sister K
being goofy one last time. 

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