Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Ch, ch, ch, changes!

Well changes are a coming, and they are coming fast. A six week transfer cycle seems so long, but man did that last one fly by. I've been feeling like it was probably my time, especially since I've been here for six months. I thought I would be ready for it, but man it is so hard to say goodbye to the people here, knowing that I will not see them again, at least for a very long time. This past Tuesday, we got a call telling my companion, "Buntis si Sister Matanatabu." Meaning she is having baby....NO, not really. Here in the mission, the greenie (new missionary) is your child/anak and the trainer is the mother/nanay (or father/tatay for Elders). It's pretty funny how this mission genealogy works. Anyway, with that news, I knew for sure that I am moving to my second area this Wednesday.

Goodbye Diffun, I will miss you.
Since we got the news, everything has been crazy with Sister Matanatabu and I. We ended up going on splits twice this past week in different areas, had interviews with President Rahlf, a relief society activity, a service activity with the Sister Training Leaders, and attended the baptism of the other sister missionaries in our ward. I even got to wear one of those Mormon Helping Hands vests, I always wanted to do that! With help from church donations, the people in our our area were able to get the measles vaccination, so we helped by handing out lollipops to crying kids. I even got to ride in an ambulance. With everything going on, I didn't even realize that the week was over.

Goodbye to my zone. Sister Simran (2nd from left) loved the skirt I made. It is one of many that don't fit anymore, but she loves it and had the perfect shirt to go with it. Maybe I'll find someone in my next are to do some alterations (pins are working for now, though)

I am excited for my new area and my new companion, but at the same time, saying goodbye is really hard. Before coming out on the mission, the sister missionaries in the YSA branch at home always said how crazy it is how much you love the people. I never realized how true that was before. One thing that I've learned, the more you serve, the more you feel charity, that pure love of Christ for those that you are serving. Everyone here is so nice and has welcomed me in as part of the family. So sad to say goodbye to my Diffun family but I know that they will be taken care of. I also know that the Lord has a plan for me. Where ever my next area is, that is where I need to be. But most importantly, it doesn't matter where I serve, but HOW I serve. My goal in this next area is to really loose myself in the work, and serve with all my heart, might, mind and strength.

For all of you, whatever changes may be happening in your life, know that there is a plan in store for you. Though it may sometimes be a hard change, it can lead to greater strength. The Lord moves people to places they need to go.

under our umbrellas as usual

Love you all!
Sister K

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