Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Yep...I live in the Philippines.

Erin didn't have a lot of time to write this week but she did answer a few questions I had for her....

My new area doesn't have set dinner appointments-but we do have them on occasion. Last night we had a dinner appointment with some members (a mother with her son. She has two sons already on missions and one about to leave on his mission to New Jersey. It was a pretty exciting evening though, after dinner we hear this noise coming from the upstairs and all of a sudden a bat was flying around our heads. Sister Davis and her comp, Sister Atienza quickly dropped underneath the table and Sister Itimaera and I were sitting there ducking our heads, while the son took their broom and was trying to shoo it out of the house. We were all just laughing about the situation. And I got a picture before leaving. yep...I live in the Philippines!

The shower- freezing cold!....but it is a working shower and not a bucket. I'm happy to have it.

Laundry-yep...that IS still in a bucket. 

Last week I mentioned our little mouse issue...well...yeah it's a little bigger issue than I thought....I mean bigger RAT! ughhhh!! so...off to the market for a little "sleepy time rat food". And our little mouse, well, he's a goner too after taking a little swim in the flusher...no clogs either! yes...I do have nightmares these things are in my bed with me. blech! But this little guy and his friends are looking out for me.

My human housemates are great. Sister Atienza and I transferred in at the same time and I knew her from Santiago too. She was in the North zone and I was in South, but we would meet at the same building for district meeting. We are both here trying to learn our new area before both of our companions go home. This week, Sisters Davis and Itimaera both had to go to Manila for fingerprinting (a requirement to exit the country) so Sister Atienza and I were left here to really figure out our areas on our own. Even though we had only been here for a week, we didn't get lost (a huge plus) and we still managed to find people to teach! The sisters were only gone from Thursday night until Saturday evening, and came home with gifts of Krispy Kreme Donuts...oh how yummy!! Can you believe you can find Krispy Kreme in Manilla??? wha??

As for other highlights of the week--I got to go on a hike with Sister Itimaera. I told you last week about how there is an area we have to cross a river to get to, that area is pretty far and a nice long walk to get to the river, then after crossing, we walked a long flat road to get to the bottom of a mountain that we then hike up to get to our appointments---Yep that's fun. By the time we got there, we got to teach one person but everyone else had left. Instead of being disappointed, we were just thankful for the one person that was there, and the nice fresh air away from the city. It was really beautiful and I always love the exercise.

So one of the most exciting parts of being a missionary is finding someone "golden." Most of the time people we teach people with only a passing interest, but we still teach them in hopes of maybe someday having the desire to progress. What is rare is when we find someone who is really searching. This week a member gave us a referral for someone in that position. When we contacted her, she explained how she had been Catholic for years but felt like something was missing. I am so excited to teach her more and help her to fill that void that this gospel really does bring. I feel so blessed to have met this person and I just hope that her heart is open for her to feel the spirit of truth. I'll let you know... : )

Sounds like conference was amazing, I will get to watch or read about it next week.

Hope all is well,
much love, 
Sister K

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