Monday, October 20, 2014

We live in a beautiful world...yeah we do, yeah we do.

Well no matter the weather, nothing stops us missionaries from enjoying what God has blessed us with. This week was the real start to the "ber" months. I never thought it would, but it actually got chilly this week. I even got to wear sweaters while proselyting AND got sleep without the constant fan blowing...WITH my blanket!! YEP-that is a big deal! Although, I've realized how much I love my fan. The sound is kind of soothing. It also tends to drown out the sounds of howling dogs and crowing roosters that don't seem to respect the whole 10:30 lights out rule. Maybe they need to take a read thought the white handbook?
Me and Sister Atienza
So this week was in with the cold and rain, which made proselyting pretty interesting, especially to our area in the mountain that we have to cross a river to get to. The people we visited were surprised to see us there, with the rain and all, but of course, not even the rain can stop us from the Lords work. I know our efforts weren't wasted when we were able to have many of our less active members in attendance. That moment when we realized the people who actually came really did bring sunshine to our hearts. Ok that was pretty cheesy, but hey, it's true. One of the most happiest times of a missionary's week is when the people that they teach show up to church.
the zone
All week we have been praying for sunshine for our epic p-day trip to Banaue. Luckily, it only was a little misty. So on to see one of the "8th wonders" of the world. Being able to see one this masterful creations was amazing and really beautiful. It was a nice hike down the rice terraces and then back up again which was at least, a million steps, and the view from the top was incredible. I am so thankful for the beauty of the earth that we have been blessed to come down to and gain experience. Heavenly Father really does love us!

Enjoy the beauty all around : )
Mahal ko kayo!
Sister K

so many steps!

hey...get to work!

The Banaue Rice Terraces---you really must see!

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