Wednesday, May 20, 2015


This week we had the chance to have an all sisters conference and it was all about becoming unstoppable. I loved this quote,

"You are unstoppable, not because you do not have failures or doubts, but because you continue on despite them. You are unstoppable because you realize that God's plan for you is bigger than the human mind can comprehend." 

I think I can add to the first line that being unstoppable is also getting rejected but we continue to keep trying. This week's biggest rejection was when we show up to one house. As we begin talking to the man standing at the gate he receives a phone call. He proceeds to answer it and then tells the person on the phone, "Just wait, I have to find some way to get rid of the Mormons."   R E J E C T E D!


Everyday we go out and try to teach people, but we barely have any control over anything. This past week happened to be one of those weeks were it seemed that no one was available to be taught. Here, we call that "punted." It was a punted week, but one thing that we can control is realizing that there was a purpose in that. Because we were punted this week, we were able to contact many new people that we haven't met before. Although getting rejected is a big part of it, and it is exhausting walking out under the hot summer sun, we were able to find some new potential investigators.

The reason why rejections are OK is because that just leads us closer to the one who will say yes. This coming week, we have an investigator that will be baptized. He is one of the fruits of contacting. The sisters accidentally went to his house, when it was supposed to be his neighbor, but they took the opportunity to talk to him and teach him. He was really prepared before they even taught him but even more so now.

For all of us, we can become unstoppable and fulfill God's plan as we keep going, despite the failures, rejections, or even doubts that are put in our path.

Mahal ko kayo!

Sister Koncurat
Philippines Cauayan Mission
February 2014-August 2015

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