Sunday, May 17, 2015

a great mother's day

{note from mom--sorry I forgot to post this last all wrapped up in being able to see my girl through Google Hangouts. It was so great seeing her cute face and hearing her voice. She looks great and is doing amazingly well. She definitely has a fun accent and has forgotten a few english words. How bizarre to listen to her easily carry on conversation in a completely different language. Oh man, we can't wait to see her for real! Here is a couple of "family photos"}

From May 10th- Mother's Day
Thanks again for all your prayers that have really kept us safe from this past storm. Typhoon Noul was a Category 5 storm that was directed to hit our mission but the center ended up being off the cost. We did experience some good rain and some strong winds, and power outages for a short time, but the day still went on as normal. Apparently our mission is where the typhoons go to melt, so they tend to not take such a big effect as it could.

I don't know what it is but these last few typhoons keeping happening on Sunday mornings, right in the middle of our church time, but a few people did end up attending. During the sacrament, the power went out and all we could hear was the wind ferociously blowing outside, yet I felt such a great feeling of peace.

I thought back to when I just had received my mission call. I was so excited and terrified, mostly terrified because shortly after I found out where I would be serving, the great Typhoon Yolanda hit the Philippines. I suddenly had a connection to the people here, but at the same time, I thought to myself, "I'm going to die!" ..Yeah that was a little over-dramatic, but hearing of the damage that it caused and all the devastation, you could only imagine the feeling of soon, that is where I will be.

Now I have been in the Philippines for over a year and I love it here. I felt at peace during this last storm, mostly because as I sat thinking about the Savior while listening to the wind and just feeling like He knows us and is protecting us.

During this past year, I have felt the Savior more at my side then ever before. We need not to fear of anything because He has a plan for us. As we do what He wants us to do and look to Him, we can feel of that peace and comfort in knowing that He is there. He loves us and will protect us.

Work still went on, whether there was Typhoon or not. Around 6, the rain finally stopped, which made it a little easier, but still the ground was very wet. We visited a family, but getting to their house was pretty tricky with the ground being very soft, thick mud. But we made it to their house! It took two brother helping us and a couple of random planks of wood, but I was just proud to say I didn't end up falling...just my feet and legs were it bit covered in mud. hah!

Love you all! Have a great week!

Sister Koncurat
Philippines Cauayan Mission
February 2014-August 2015

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