Tuesday, May 5, 2015

crazy busy...or maybe just plain crazy?

 There is not much to say other than speaking Tagalog in a southern accent is very very funny! This week has been so crazy busy. Sister A and I have been non-stop on the go, but there are always times for being completely ridiculous and laughing. Some misconceptions people might have about missionary work is that is it is boring because all you do it work-work-work. But what some might not understand, work can be fun! It all just depends on your attitude. One great thing about this calling is that I was called to be Sister Koncurat, not just a robot. There are times that call for seriousness and others where we need to make things a little happier. For all those preparing for missions, remember to find the balance, but don't forget to always be obedient. Exact obedience brings blessings.
This week I've seen some of those blessings. It is hard to number them, but one things is contacting. At the start of this year, our mission made a new goal to talk with at least 70 new people about our unique message of the gospel and invite them to act upon it. Before, I thought reaching out to talk to people was really intimidating, but it has become one of my favorite things. As we have tried our best to be obedient to this goal, there have been people put in our path that have really made a difference. In the next coming weeks, one of our first fruits of contacting will be baptized. Miracles do happen as we try our best and the Lord makes up the rest. 

Love this work! Love you all!
Have a great week!
Sister Koncurat
Philippines Cauayan Mission
February 2014-August 2015

P.S.  so...I received my "trunky letter" ...not sure how I feel about that.  Guess my time here is winding down, but there is so much more to do, so I'm just not going to think about it.  (trunky letter definition-the letter telling you when your time is up and how you're getting home, boo!)

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