Tuesday, August 26, 2014

There is beauty all around

Whoot Whoot....the internet was especially quick today so lots of pics!

Another great week here in Diffun. When I first found out that I wouldn't be the one transferred last week, I have to admit, I was a little disappointed. I like trying new things and it is always exciting and refreshing to have a new start, but I am really happy to still be here. I love Diffun, and to what I have been told, it is one of the prettiest in the mission. I haven't seen other areas yet but I can testify that it is truly beautiful here.

Sister Mat and I found out about a waterfall not too far away.  A few of our ward members farm on the mountains there and it's quite a climb to get it.  We were really excited when they offered to take us. We invited our ward missionaries that we work with along with a few other friends. Since our preparation day happen to land on "National Hero's Day" they had the day off school and work started later for most, the timing was perfect.

ready for the hike...b'more shirt and ballets flats, of course.

in honor of Nation Hero's Day : )
The night before the hike we woke to a super bright flash come through the windows followed by the loudest clap of rolling thunder I have EVER heard. It shook our entire apartment.  As a result, we got some nice rain. All I could think was that the hike will be more interesting with the mud. Still, we all wanted to go, so, in the morning, we set off on our trek.  The path turned out to be waaaay steeper than we thought and super muddy!  Every time we would take a step forward, we would slide back a little bit. But still we kept pressing forward. The larger rocks were there to give us traction at times, and good for scraping off the excess mud that would build up our feet. Some asked along the way how much further. Some wanted to turn back, but we just kept pressing forward up the steep muddy path. Along the way we were able to look out on the little city below and the beauty this place really holds. When we finally got to the top, we reached the house of the family the members worked for. We all got to cook there and take a little rest before getting back on our journey to the falls.
Not the normal camp/hike food--it was a feast of rice, fire-roasted tilapia and papaya.

fish sticks ; }

After the feast, we finally made it to the waterfall. 

It was a fun little field trip. Things don't always turn out as we plan them, and some surprises turn into big challenges, but even when those challenges set us back, we keep pressing forward. The reward is much greater when we endure to the end.

Love you all!
Sister Koncurat

random things this week...
Sister Mat taught me how to make a curry this week.  

it turned out really yummy. 
the alarm clock

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