Tuesday, August 19, 2014

And it came to pass...

housemates and friends
love this family

Behold, I make this epistle to my dear friends and family to tell them of the marvelous works of this past week, being the eighteenth day in the eighth month, two thousand and fourteen years after the coming of Christ.

And it came to pass that the missionaries came together to celebrate the transfer of their dear friend, Sister Cabada. And thus they were saddened because of the loss of their dear friend and housemate.

And thus the sisters feared that the new housemate would not be a native Tagalog speaker and that we would not understand completely the sayings of this foreign land.

And it came to pass, on the next day, the sisters rejoiced, knowing the Lord had heard their prayers, and the newest sister in Diffun, with the name of Sister Morente, being from a place in the San Pablo mission in which I have forgotten the actual name, but is a native Tagalog speaker. And we rejoice in this good news.

And thus did the sisters also rejoice because of the kindness of one's mother who had sent many gifts unto one of them. And I did rejoice exceedingly as I read the many letters that had been written so long ago from friends and family in a far off land.

And I shall gather pen and paper in hopes of responding to all as soon as possible.

For behold it came to pass that yet again, Sister Mat and I did walk for many miles to teach to the people in the far off land and we did find much success.

And our souls delighted in the blessings in which the
Lord has shown unto us.

And it did come to pass that a group of women in a society for relief did come together for the making of food. And there was much much MUCH feasting.

We were delighted in the fact that some of the inactive members and investigators did come and meet with them.

And the missionaries hearts were as full as their bellies.

And it came to pass that on the same day of the feast, once more, another soul did enter into the Waters of Mormon. Them being baptized with the power and authority of God and were washed clean and made whole.

And we did rejoice.

And it did come to pass that I, Sister Koncurat, came to a loss of words and did not know how to end this epistle to my dear friends and family. And thus being at a loss of words, I do close this epistle in hopes of you all to know of my love for you and hope that you may come to have many delight-some experiences in this coming week.


(I know...I'm a nut! ...I like nuts...)
Sister K
learning to make Siomai (steamed shrimp & pork dumplings)

the fruits of our labor
Let the feasting begin!

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