Saturday, August 16, 2014

Finding the Joy

district fun 

This week started off a little rough with having a nasty cold, but it ended up being pretty great. On Tuesday we had our last district meeting of the cycle. We ended up having more of a FHE style meeting. After a spiritual thought, we all played Prophet charades, elders verses the sisters. The sisters let the elders win though so they wouldn't be sore losers. ; ) Then we played another game where we all sat in a circle, with one person in the middle who was blindfolded. They had to point to somebody and say the name of an animal and guess who the person is making the noise. The last person to be blindfolded was sitting there and we all left the room. Ha HA ha... He was sitting there pointing and no one was there to make a noise. We all were laughing with each other, so it was a great last meeting, especially with one of our elders getting permanently transferred back home.  We thought maybe it was my time to be transferred but not this time.  Although, changing things up is always exciting I feel like I have so much more to do here and I love my families here... and someone must know I need way more than a day to pack!  But...I'll be ready for the next transfer...I know it's coming!

This week, we also got to celebrate the birthday of one of the sister missionaries here in Diffun. We had a birthday party/home evening at the church for her. We all played games and then had a talent show. The sisters put on a skit about a typical day here in the field, and we had three dance performances, and even a band. 

But, the best part of this week was seeing the newest family of the Diffun ward baptized. The mother of the family was baptized a few weeks ago. I wrote about her and all the miracles that got her to the right place. She's become a huge example to her family. They have all become super involved in the ward, and two of the members of the family were able to be baptized this past week and their next son will be baptized this Saturday. It's all so good.

Sometimes it seems like missionary work has to be serious all the time and all we do is work, work, work. But the thing is, we are not all spiritual robots. If we have fun while serving, it helps not only bring the spirit into the lives of those around us, but it brings joy and happiness as well. Seeing the people that we care so much,entering in the waters of baptism and the joy on their faces, is, by far, the greatest joy of all.

Hope you all have a great week!...find the joy!
Sister K
a little tree planting...literally one LITTLE tree   ; )

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