Monday, January 26, 2015

Well, my pumping water, bathing out of a bucket pioneer days are over...sort of. We have water inside our apartment woo hoo! Such a big relief! But, we are still doing lots of walking and walking and more walking! So, I guess I'm still a pioneer. ...did I say I'm still walking?

I think the first sign of a "masipag" missionary is while you are walking, you can start to feel your shoe completely falling apart. I think these had a few good miles on them, but it makes me so sad to have to throw them away...

It's official, I'm a "masipag" missionary-meaning: hard-working.

This past week, we enjoyed our last district meeting of the transfer. It was also my branch companion's first district meeting. She was pretty excited to get to be a part of it. For her first week, Sister Infante, a young member of the branch here in Bayombong, has been working with me. She is waiting for her mission call and used this week as a mini training. It's like having a second anak (baby)! I'm really enjoying getting to know her. She's pretty amazing. She is 22 years old, a primary counselor, seminary teacher, and is waiting for her mission call. Even though she is busy, she was really excited to help me out while I'm in companion limbo. In return, I've been helping her out in seminary, it's been pretty fun. Good things are happening in the area. Transfers are this Wednesday and I will, once again make the trek to Cauayan to meet my 4th companion of the month.

Mom told me in her letter she had been praying for our landlady to soften her heart and have compassion on us sisters (and fix our water tank). It worked! ...prayers are answered in so many ways. I had a pretty severe bout of stomach flu last week, and she was so sweet to give me flat sprite and sit with me while Sister Infante went to buy a thermometer. She has definitely been softened to our plite and thanks to a priesthood blessing and prayers coming from both sides of the world, I'm feeling a lot better! It is amazing what the priesthood can do for us. I have such a strong testimony that it is the power from God and that it has truly blessed my life in so many ways.

Hope you all have a great week!! Thanks for all your prayers and concerns. Things are looking up!

-Sister Koncurat

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