Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Magandang buhay!

Magandang buhay! (Good Life)

Can I just testify how true the Book of Mormon is?! It has the power to change lives, seriously! Right now, it is my goal for everyone I teach to read it. I heard a story not too long ago about someone who had a friend that was not a member of the church. The friend had a severe smoking addiction and every time he tried to quit, he would relapse. The friend gave him a copy of the Book of Mormon and told him if he would read it, he would be able to break the addiction. He started reading the first couple chapters and questioned his friend's theory, saying how he didn't really see how this would break his addiction. The friend replied, "Keep reading." The man got further into the Book of Mormon and questioned again, but the friend yet replied, "Keep reading." Eventually by the end of reading, the man no longer had a taste for cigarettes and took the challenge to ask God if it what he read was true. Without a doubt, the man knew it was.

Here, on my mission, I have seen miracles brought about because of the Book of Mormon. I have seen the change in the unity of families because of the restored gospel. Right now, I can see the progress already as our investigator is in the middle of reading the Book of Mormon.

We met one of our newest investigators just a couple weeks ago. When we met her, she hardly said a word, but when we asked if we could return to see her, she replied, "If you want to." The following visit, we gave her a copy of the Book of Mormon. Although seemingly uninterested, she accepted it and said she would read it. We were shocked when the next time we came back she told us that she wasn't done, but to our surprise, she was already half way through. She has now finished it, only 3 weeks later, and has accepted the invitation to be baptized. Amazing, di ba?

This past week, at our quarterly interviews, Sister Rahlf asked us who our favorite Book of Mormon hero is. I said Ammon, from the book of Alma. He was a wicked man, but when he came to find the truth, he spent the rest of his life serving the Lord. He stood against those who hated him, who even wanted to kill him, but because of his exceeding faith and his righteous purpose, he was protected. He knew which way he faced, when he said that the strength he had was not his own, but of the Lords. His mission has inspired my purpose and the work that I do here.

I challenge everyone to read the Book of Mormon, even if you have already read it, read it again! If you don't know of it's truthfulness, ask our Heavenly Father in prayer. Take advantage of the blessing that we have right at our fingertips.     http://www.mormon.org/beliefs/book-of-mormon

Mahal ko kayo!
Sister Koncurat

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