Tuesday, December 16, 2014

I hope I'm always a "Lifter"

Ten more days 'till Christmas!!! Meaning ten more days until I can Skype the fam!! The countdown begins!

I got quite a few questions this week from various people so here are my answers...

So this week was pretty great. The most memorable thing was last Thursday we got to go back to Santiago to hear from Elder and Sister Bowen. When President Rahlf introduced them, he explained how they were "lifters." They are the kind of people who lift others higher, rather than "leaners" that tend to not necessarily bring others down, but make things heavier than they should be. So I ask myself, "Am I a lifter, or a leaner?" There were so many great things about what they talked about, so it is hard to say it all, but I testify that the spirit was very strong.

The times I probably feel the strongest spirit, though, is when I am able to testify about the reasons why I am on a mission. We have a less-active that we taught a couple days ago. She is a young mother of 2 and her husband currently is living abroad for work. She hasn't been to church in over a year and in the past had no desire in coming back. This week as we were teaching she ask why we would leave our family for so long, and if we were worried about them. What I was able to tell her was that I wouldn't be this far from home if I didn't know that this church is true. I testified of how I was sent here to help families learn what my family has been blessed with my whole life and that I am not really worried about them because there has been a promise that as we serve the Lord, our families are being taken care of. The spirit was undeniable. This Sunday she came to church with her two kids. Miracles, I tell ya!

One tradition, I've learned here in the Pines that I will bring back with me. Is "Sopas Sunday." I love sopas. It is like this macaroni soup with cabbage and carrots and pretty much whatever you want to add into it. We make it a lot on Sunday because the title just fits. They other thing is curry so that is something I will probably make often when I get home too. They're all great for student cheap eats!

The streets are crowed. There are a ton of different kinds of vehicles and it is always soooooo loud. Motorcycles are the most popular form of transportation. So it sounds like a dirt bike track most of the time. There are a lot shops along the streets and BBQ street vendors too. And it doesn't really matter where you walk. Most people don't really walk on the sidewalks anyway... But you have to be careful because there is no such thing a traffic lane,  people just drive wherever they want.  

Hope that answered your questions. If anyone has anymore feel free to ask!  I would love to hear from you!

love you all!
Sister K.

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