Tuesday, December 9, 2014

a week late but...

Happy December my dear family and friends! Can you just explain to me how it is already December !?!

For any of you that may be wondering what it may be like for us missionaries to walk a day in Bayombong, it goes a little like this...

We walk out of our little apartment and out the gate with umbrellas in hand, whether rain or shine. As we walk down the street, often we get weird stares, and by we, mostly me. If not stares, then we get calls from people saying, "Hello sister!" or "What is your name?" or "Americana!" Yep, I'm famous.
Because this is a city area, along with the shout-outs from the people, often we hear the honking of the jeepnies and tricies. As we get more into the neighborhood streets, the sounds turn into karaoke, the Filipino's favorite pass time....oh and barking dogs.

As for smells, mostly smells like car exhaust. Not the most pleasant, but it is a lot better than some of the other unmentionables!!  bleh...

Christmas has been going on here since September, but now with December finally here, it is full blast. Christmas music blasts from the brand new grocery store in town. But at night it is the best. Christmas lights are all over the town center, with a star at the top of the center tower.
By the time we finally get back into the apartment in the evening, everything starts to settle down, we hear the sounds of the kids riding their bikes around selling balut, dogs continue to bark (really, it never ends), and the occasional rooster crowing, (I've really grown used to those). I keep thinking when I go home, it will be strangely quiet, but that is also a long time away. For now, I'm happily enjoying it down here in Bayombong. 

Love you all!
Sister K

P.S. Sorry to hear about the Trim family. Special prayers are being sent their way. We are so grateful to have the blessing of temples and eternal families.

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