Monday, June 23, 2014

Keep Calm and Stumble On

I see the farmers wearing these in the rice fields.
Yep...I rock it!
Days seem so long, especially when we are walking everywhere in the never ending heat, but before you know it, It's Monday again and I'm thinking, where'd the time go? Even though this week started off a little rough. I got my first go of the flu or...mmm maybe it was food poisoning?? ...ugh, yeah, that happened! But the good thing is, I found that I sleep so much better sprawled out on the cool tile floor! We are sleeping there every night from now on!

I was down for a day but I didn't let anything hold me back from "hastening the work." I saw a T-shirt not too long ago that said, "keep calm, and hasten on." As a missionary, I get to be a part of the Lord's work during the time of "hastening," and I am learning a ton, and as last week I wrote about how my heart is changing, and it is, but one thing that has not changed is that I am definitely still me... I am a "LAMPA"!! That's the Tagalog word for the week and it means...KLUTZ! Yep..that is definitely what I am. I know it! If you know me at all YOU know I am the biggest klutz too. I have accepted that part of me. One thing that doesn't help much here are all those rocky dirt roads that I walk down on a daily basis. Sometimes, as I walk, I think rocks purposely jump out at me to make me stumble. Other times, I do a fair amount of sliding down hills...not on my feet, but I think my favorite most embarrassing moment this week was when I broke the bus...

We flagged down a bus (it's really just a van) to take us to our appointment. On the van, there are two main workers. The driver and the conductor. The conductor collects all the money and hangs out the window and calls out the towns that the van is going too. So, the van pulls up the side of the street where we were standing. The conductor opens the door and Sister Lamac gets in first. Then, as I was getting in, I bumped the sliding van door with my elbow. It was just a little tap but guess I must be the Incredible Hulk or something because the door completely fell off the hinges! At least, the conductor who was standing behind me caught the door before it fell to the ground. In my defense, the vans are pretty much on their last legs so it really doesn't take much! Sister Lamac and I just had to laugh about it. Even though it was a little embarrassing, it actually struck up a conversation with the family I sat next to. This was the first time that I've actually had a full out conversation without any interpreting help! Sister Lamac and I were sitting in different parts of the van, so I was pretty much by myself on this one. By the end of the ride, I didn't even feel embarrassed for breaking the door. I was just so happy that I understood something!   I really am ok with the fact that I am a klutz, even if all eyes are on me because I am some American breaking their stuff, as long as it keeps opening (or breaking down) the door to new people to talk to, I'm good with that and maybe my motto should be 'Keep Calm and Stumble On'??
I've found a new way to communicate with the little kids that I don't understand. They stare at me, so this is the face that I make at them back. Then we become best friends and have secret handshakes
The rest of the week was kind of uneventful but good. It seems everyday is pretty much the same. We go to the same places, talk to mostly the same people, and teach a lot of the same lessons, but there are always little things that make doing the same things everyday worthwhile. Through the little things, we have four of our investigators preparing for baptism. I am so excited for all of them and for those little things that hasten the work.

Have a great week!
Sister K
Finding ways to do service. We helped to dig a pit so water wouldn't seep into the house when the rain really begins

So these tricies are crazy. So many people can fit on just one! Yesterday, a member was nice enough to drive us over to one of our appointments. We had six people fit. That isn't the most I have ever had though. One time we had nine people, plus a baby. Five of them were small kids, but still! Amazed they don't just topple over!

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