Monday, June 30, 2014

Just a miracle, that's all.

Just this last Saturday, we had four people getting baptized. This was, by far, the hardest and most stressful baptism I have had yet. It all started last Sunday...

One of our investigators is a mother of 4 kids and has been a faithful wife for 13 years. BUT, we found out that she was actually never legally married. This is a super important thing before being baptized. We had set an appointment for her baptismal interview with someone in the mission presidency, but it ended up falling through. Monday night, we received a call from President Rahlf. We asked if he would be able to do the interview sometime this week, and when he asked what the special circumstance was, he replied that they would need to get legally married first. That may not seem like a big deal, but for this family, it was huge!!. That night, we called around to see what we would have to do in order for the couple to be married, and we found out the cost would be over 1,000 pesos for specific documentation. Not to mention that they would need to travel at least 2 hours away to get pick it up. This family has absolutely no money for such things. All the money they make goes toward just surviving. All of this seemed pretty impossible to complete in just 5 days.

Sister Lamac and I immediately turned to the Lord. I remembered this quote, "When things get to hard to stand--kneel." Without saying anything, we knelt down and started praying. The next day, a very generous source offered to pay the amount for this wonderful family. We also found out that there "just happened" to be a member who worked in the office that did the paperwork. She could get the documents without the family traveling all the way there and was able to ship it straight to them. There were more problems that kept popping up, but little by little everything started to work out. The Lord sent us various people (angels) this whole week who really helped. When things seemed almost impossible, the Lord truly sent miracles. We know that "the Lord's work will not be frustrated" no matter how hard Satan tries to interrupt. The hour before the wedding ceremony, we finally received the last document and rushed over to the church.

After the ceremony, Sister Lamac and I went over to our other investigator's house to pick up all the kids that were getting baptized as well. There were two 12 year old girls, and one 15 year old boy. We got the 2 girls, but the 15 year old boy was missing. We found out that he had been called into work. It is planting season for all the rice farmers, and he needed to help with the plant. We called him, to see if he would be able to make it, and just then he said he would get to leave. Although he was a little late, everything worked out. All four were able to be baptized on Saturday as planned.  They all glowed with the pure joy of becoming clean from all sins and feeling the love of our Heavenly Father.
My miracle family--Just love them...we are teaching the dad and kids next.
the girls...they were so happy they started crying, so sweet.
one last hug before entering the waters 
The Lord will send his many miracles as long as we have the faith in Him. He knows and loves everyone of us, and cares for our salvation. I love that I get to be a part of HIS work, and to truly witness first hand miracles and the happiness that this gospel brings to the lives of the people.

My challenge to all of you, is to look for the many little miracles the Lord blesses you with every day.
Love, Sister K.

NOTES from mom--Sunday evenings I get to skype "chat" with Erin for a little while--Through our conversation I found out it's transfer week.  She will be nervously "leading the area" with a new companion. She will find out Wednesday who it will be. She is sad about losing Sister Lamac but changing things up is always exciting.  I asked her if soccer and the world cup is big there...she said she hasn't heard anything about it and she never sees anyone playing but basketball is super popular and everyone knows Lebron James and the Miami Heat.  ...and I asked if she dreams in Tagalog, she said she is so tired at night and sleeps so deeply she never remembers if she dreams at all.  OH and the language lesson of the week is, "ayaw ko", it means I don't like it, which she says she never says in front of anyone except to the family who made her eat Balut on her first day. And "Gusto" means both want and like but is careful to say it because sometimes if you like something the person may just give it all to you and it could be everything they had.  Finally, she is so appreciative for the thoughts and prayers of everyone, she truly does feel the love and strength.
our district before the transfer

Bye Sister Lamac (right)

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