Tuesday, May 13, 2014


The power of prayer is seriously so real. The first couple of weeks here, we haven't had a lot of success. We would go out and find so many new potential investigators. We keep teaching them but they were not progressing. People's free agency sure gets in the way!! Haha. We have been praying a lot for our ward, trying to find out how we can better help them and how we can move our investigators to the next step. Finally, one of our prayers has been answered. We were lead to a recent convert and got to teach him about missionary work. Not only does he want to serve a mission now, he has invited his family and friends to church. He has helped to answer our prayers and we now have five progressing investigators and two have actual baptism dates. The members make such a difference when it comes to moving missionary work along. The other day, I heard a statistic. Only one out of a hundred of the people that we may come in contact with each day is likely to be baptized. But one out of ten invited by a member is likely to be baptized. DID YOU HEAR THAT??  Members--YOU are essential to the work!

Another example of how prayer works...yesterday, Sister Lamac and I were trying to get to a member's house for our dinner appointment. It was a long walk from where we were coming from and after awhile, there were no transport vans going in the direction we were headed. We waited and waited for a van to pass as it got darker and darker.  In our area, there are no street lights, it's very dark and scary, we were afraid that we weren't going to make it there or home. We prayed for some means of transportation, and decided we just better start walking faster.  Finally, as we were just about to give up, a tricey came around the corner. We flagged it down and we got to where we need to be. In the end, we went to pay, but he told us not worry about it. It was a huge answer to our prayer and we were so thankful. 

Being a missionary is hard work. I never thought it would be easy, but I am really learning the importance of prayer and how it will not only give us the power to know where we need to be, but also all the wonderful blessings it brings. 

Love you all!
Sister Koncurat

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Adventure Pictures from the past weeks!
told you I rode a caribou.
My balut experience mmmmm eh...

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