Wednesday, May 21, 2014

A Day In the Life...

Our newly called ward missionaries--ready to get to work!  this last Sunday we had 14 investigators at church and they did great fellowshipping all of them!

My brother requested I that I give a little sample of a day in the life of a Philippines Cauayan Missionary. So here it goes...

Every morning I start the day by waking up at 6:30. I don't even need to set my clock anymore because my body wakes itself up a minute before the alarm goes off. sleep saving fan.

I do my morning work out routine and then take a nice cold shower. AHHHH....LOVE MY COLD SHOWER! No pictures of our shower's kind of gross and where we find most creepy crawlies... :{

our kitchen

At 8:00 I start my personal study. Usually I read in the Book of Mormon. I just finished reading from cover to cover this week so I started studying more in Preach my Gospel for the first half and have started the Book of Mormon again for the second half. I actually really enjoy reading the scriptures. Before the mission it wasn't something that I loved. It was more of something that I just I needed to do, but now I truly have a testimony of it and I love it.

my study place

After personal study, we start companion study and we prepare for the lessons we have planned to teach for the day. And then after that is finished, I start language study for another hour.

After all the studying and normal missionary stuff, we eat lunch and go straight out in the field. We take either a Jeepnie or a van to one of our areas and start the day.

my usual mode of transport

We typically teach on average about 5 lessons in the day. It makes it easy when they all live really close to each other...we try to schedule it like that but unfortunately it doesn't always work out. I have found there isn't really a sense of time. When we set an appointment for a specific time, it really means just some time between the hours of 1-5 on a certain day. Kind of like those repair guys, but sometimes when we get there they are sleeping (especially on a hot day) or they are not around. By 6:00 we return to our apartment. Normally, missionaries work until 9, but here it gets really dark at 6 and there are no street lights in our area, so we have an early curfew. It's nice that it gives Sister Lamac and time I to do our training and planning.

And just like that, the day is over.

This may all seem kind of boring and mundane, but in reality when we are out teaching and working really hard no matter how exhausted we are, no matter how hot it is, and no matter how many times we get "punted" from a lesson, our day is really fulfilling and I don't regret for a second what I am doing. Through our hard work and with the help of the Lord, the work here in Diffun is really progressing. It is super exciting!

Here are a few more pics to enjoy...

Take care and have an awesome week!
Sister Koncurat

it really is beautiful and I love it.

our big comfy couch! Don't you just want to stretch out on that for a Sunday nap?

the super hi-tech washing machine...OH how i miss the Maytag!

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