Tuesday, June 23, 2015

YES they do dance!

The traffic police actully DO dance here in Illagan!!

I's so funny. Other than the dancing traffic enforcers there isn't much out of the ordinary this week. We have been street contacting a lot lately and there all sorts of interesting people we talk to. Some who don't want to talk to us and make up crazy excuses. I think it is rude to actually say "no" for some reason, so a simple, "I'm not interested" is not something we hear very often. Unfortunately instead, we get other rejections that are more hurtful. Some people literally run away. I promise I don't bite and I don't think I smelled that bad today!! ha ha ha

Last night we held a missionary fireside and really emphasized having the members find referrals. One of our recent convert kids really wants to be a missionary and she has seen us street contacting before, so last night after the fireside she really wanted to do something missionary-ish, so she asked for a pamphlet to give to someone. Right outside the church there is a line of tricies that wait for people to ride. So as the three of us walked out, she stops and looks at us and then looks back at the tricey driver and looks at us again and she hands him the pamphlet and looks at me to to explain what it was and what not. It was pretty funny. I see why Jesus loved the children and I know why there are many times the scriptures say become like little children. They really will just talk to everyone and they are so enthusiastic and kind. As we were leaving, she then went back to the tricey driver and gave him a sandwich. Sweet right? OH, I love these people!

Have a great week!
Love you all,
Sister K

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