Saturday, November 15, 2014

"Make Holy the Places We Stand"

The other day, we were able to hear from President and Sister Rahlf at stake conference, and the line that stuck out to me most was, "make holy the places we stand." Often we hear that we need to stand in holy places by surrounding ourselves by things that will lift us up and bring the spirit into our lives, but it is hard when we are required to go into the world where we are surrounded by temptations and other evils, that is why we need to make holy the places we stand. As a missionary, we are to avoid all those worldly temptations and focus on the work. And for everyone, there are undetected temptations. It is easy to fall in to that trap as well, but when we realize how much a difference it makes and how much stronger the spirit is with us, it makes it even more desirable to work hard to resist those things that distract or bring us down.

An easy temptation that all of us may struggle with at one point or another is the temptation to belittle ourselves and not see the worth that we have. It is easy to say, "I don't make that much of a difference," or "I'm not good enough," or probably the most common, "I can't." These phrases are dangerous and without realizing, we set ourselves up for our own failure. This area is a lot more difficult than my first area. Not very many people are progressing in our area of the branch. Last cycle there was much success for the other sisters, and then I compared it to the little success that we were having. I thought to myself, maybe I'm not doing something right, or maybe I can't really help these people because I don't speak as well as I would like to. But that is completely false. I know I am here for a certain purpose, and I know with the Lord's help, we can be unstoppable and can do the impossible.
It has helped me a ton in just the last couple of days to have a new companion, fresh from the MTC. I can see how she looks at everything with fresh eyes, ready to help everyone who comes our way. I have finally understood that concept of loosing myself in the work. I have no time to think about myself, when I am making sure the people in this area have what they need to progress, and helping my new companion adjust easily to missionary life. I am so grateful for this opportunity and I can see what a difference it is making already. 
Sister Garcia from Urdeneta, Philippines-pillow in hand, now let's get to work!

Just yesterday, we were able to teach this older lady that was a referral from another investigator. There was also her daughter and her daughter's two young kids. As we started talking about the importance of families, we began to mention the blessings of the temple. The daughter's eyes widened as I said that we can be married for time and all eternity and we can have our families sealed to us as well. Immediately, the daughter said, "I don't know why, but as soon as you said that, I felt cold." (in Tagalog of course) And all I could think was that this is the real reason I am here. I am here to help families to have a better life, not just a temporary happiness, but a life with eternal happiness. It is possible. I know that. I have seen the difference the gospel has already made in some other these peoples lives and families.
Although challenges and temptations come into our lives, the first thing we have to do in order to see past that challenges and resist that temptation, is sanctify ourselves--make holy the person inside of ourselves, and the places we stand become the holy places.

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